Oh-No Apparel

Oh-No Apparel is a clothing company I created that has since been discontinued. This project existed as an opportunity to show myself how to create something from start to finish that I can be proud of.

Oh-No Apparel
Art direction,
Brand design


As you can expect starting a company on your own is tough,  tying to stand out as a young clothing company... also tough. This project taught me a lot, customer service, how to handle manufacturers, the manufacturing process, marketing and a lot more. Honestly, Oh-No apparel was a passion project bred solely from my desire to create and more importantly design. One of my biggest strengths (or perhaps weaknesses) is that I love design relentlessly. It is my hobby, my job, and what I love to do in my free time. I bring this passion to all my projects and I believe thats what sets me apart from other designers.

Oh-No Apparel
Oh-No Apparel